About Me.

Who Am I?

My name is Steve, a UX Designer with a heavy background in Marketing. I graduated from UC San Diego in 2012 with a bachelor’s in political science.

I love solving complex problems to build great products. I enjoy knowing that I am able to contribute to something bigger than myself with the outreach of my design!

Currently, I work at ERI Economic Research Insitute as a User Experience Designer in the beautiful city of Irvine, California.

Why UX?

I first became interested in HTML in 3rd grade where I built my first website using Geocities to sell stickers. Unfortunately, it did not prove to be a profitable venture, but gave me great knowledge.

My high school even offered a commercial arts class where I further developed my Photoshop and Illustrator capabilities. I probably would not have been successful at getting into UX if it was not for that class to teach me the basics!

I’ll be honest, in college I actually aspired to become a corporate lawyer. After working my first job in a law firm, I realized I didn’t want to be doing that for a career. It was at my second job at a restaurant enterprise software company that I discovered UX and fell in love.

UX allowed me a way to reach out and impact a broader audience that I alone would not have been able to do. I became enamored by the concept of my design being used by thousands of people worldwide. I get the joy of designing combined with the knowledge my work made a difference.