Corner Bakery Case Study

Project Overview

A case study creates an invaluable asset in marketing to establish social proof that the product we are offering is beneficial. Corner Bakery acheived incredible results by implementing eRestaurant to all its cafes, but the rest of the world still needed to hear about it.

Nowadays, consumers are likely to partake in a stage of the buyer’s journey known as the research stage. It is the stage between identifying a product and following through with a purchase.

According to BrightLocal’s annual Consumer Review Survey, 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

If website visitors are reading your product pages, they are in a "consideration" mindset meaning they are actively researching your products, perhaps with an intent to buy. Having a case study placed strategically on these pages was a great way to push them over the line and further down the buyer's funnel.

My Role

Copywriting - I wanted to turn our product into a story. I needed a way to "humanize" Cornery Bakery so it wouldn't be seen as a coporate chain. To achieve this, I placed Gary Price as the hero of the story who saves the day by using eRestaurant, our restaurant management software! It placed a face to the cafe chain and made the case study more relatable and engaging to the reader.

Graphic Design - With Gary Price as the focale point of the case study, his image is featured on the front page. People react to familiarity. To maintain Altametrics' company branding, I chose a shade of red as the main color.

Research - This case was the first case study I've ever done. I wasn't given any guidelines or instructions so I started from scratch with zero knowledge. To compensate, I researched (basically "Googled") case studies done by not only our competitors but every other B2B companies I could find. I also created personas to identify my audience's needs. There is nothing worse than writing something no one has an interest in.

The Results

The sales team needed to provide evidence to leads of how eRestaurant can cut down food and labor costs in their restaurant chains and used my case study to make that last push to convert leads into customers. The case study increased sales conversion.

Additionally, the case study provided SEO values. When you "Googled" Altametrics, it was in the Top 5 search results. It also became the most downloaded asset right after our product brochure.

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