Zip Red Book

Enterprise Mobile Application


Zip Red Book is a digital manager's log application that gives restaurant managers a real-time view of everything they need to successful run a shift and transition into the next. Stores can track critical information, improve shift-to-shift communication and increase employee accountability all from one central location.

The digital solution improves service by maintaining a digital record of employee performance and share information about accidents, illness, and availability. The friction of documentation and sharing between shift managers are alleviated with the ease of the mobile application to document and share.

The Challenge

Previously, design and development was done in India but that changed when I was placed to lead the design for the mobile app version of Zip Red Book. The design they had come up with for the mobile app needed a complete rehaul because it wasn't made to look like apps Americans were used to. The design princples used in India were very different from the ones in the United States thus making the user experience impossible.

Because our development team is based out of India and I was in the United States, I had to deal with a big language and time zone barrier. The biggest obstacle was trying to bring my design from prototype to actually coding it. Communicating was not an easy task with the big difference in time, language, and distance.

Before being placed as the lead design, the India team had already design and developed the mobile app. The problem was it was rushed and done poorly. The company wanted to launch it as soon as possible. Since I was brought on to lead the design so late, I was not given much time to perform adequate user research. Due to the deadline, I made the choice to just do a UI redesign just so our mobile app would look "modern".


I wish I was brought on to design the mobile app in the early stages of development instead of towards the last leg. Proper user research and usability testing was not done at any stage of the development cycle. The India design team also was not aware of how designs in the United States varied so differently from what they are use to.

While I only had enough time to create personas, I was not able to interview the potential userbase. My only resource were the product managers. I feel the redesign could have gone a lot smoother in eliminating issues early on if I had the time and resources to make better design decisions.