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Project Overview

SalaryExpert was launched in 2000 and draws on ERI’s expertise in salary and cost of living data to provide the public with excellent tools for evaluating career, relocation, and education decisions.

In the early years, the website enjoyed tremendous success providing users with salary and cost of living data. This is in part due to quality of data and the lack of competitors. Over the years, the website was not regularly updated or maintained thus paving the way for others to enter into the playing field. The website was also showing its age and in desperate need of a face lift to keep up with the growing mobile userbase.

I was assigned to become the product owner of the website and breathe some much needed life into restoring the website to it's former glory.

My Role

Product Management - As the product owner in charged, I had to roadmap, strategize, and plan the present and future direction of the website. I started by defining and analyzing metrics that inform the success of the website. I assess the market competition by comparing how our competitors are attempting to solve user painpoints.

SEO - I did a SEO audit to determine where the website stood in terms of following good SEO practices. By using Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, and Tag Manager, I collect and identify areas for improvement relative to achieving SEO goals.

UX/UI - I established a baseline by running usability studies. Next, I interviewed stakeholders and users to define the business and user needs. I define problems and opportunities by combining analysis of the user with business needs to form stories and plan solutions. I began by sketching out possible designs. After drawing out a few of them, I picked out the best solution and started wireframing it in Balsamiq. I would then test out the wireframes with users to see if the design would work and if there would be any usability issues. I make iterations based on validated learning through data and user testing. After making the necessary changes, I proceed to create high-fidelity mockups which is then handed off to the developers. I would discuss with them how I want the pages and features within the pages to be built. From ideation to design to development, I am there every step of the way to make sure everything is the way it is supposed to be.

Screenshot of Google Analytics

The Results

As a result of a redesign with a solid SEO strategy in place, SalaryExpert increased traffic by 286.9% in 6 months. The increase amount of user sessions increased advertisement revenue by 1221.1%.

SalaryExpert is far from perfect but the plan is to continue improving it with each iteration. My team and I are constantly working on adding more features and target a wider audience.

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